By Larry Phillips

Directed by Matthew J. Nichols


    There’s no ‘I’ in team.  But there is in family.

Stephen and Paul Dowd were two of the most highly touted prospects in baseball.  Stephen lived up to the hype with an amazing career in the Big Leagues. His bother Paul...never got off the plate. Now, after retiring from the game with an injury, Stephen is divorced, broke, and forced to consider a lucrative offer to film a Reality TV show about his life.  But the Producers don't just want Stephen, they want Paul and their fame-seeking younger brother, Kevin, as well. 

Secondary Pitch is a biting new comedy about brothers, rivalry and the perfect pitch.


By Larry Phillips

Directed By Austin Tooley


             Nobody's perfect... except my child.

When sweet and kindhearted Kindergarten teacher Pam reveals to Alpha-Mom Jill that her son may not be as perfect as she thinks, she has no idea she is setting off a powder keg. Jill's reaction to her son's shortcomings quickly lands Pam and her fiancé Doug in an increasingly bizarre situation that forever changes their lives. Now they must work together with Jill's trophy-husband Eric in order to put the pieces of this family back together.

Can Pam and Doug's relationship survive an unexpected change? Will Jill and Eric accept that a weakness in their child doesn't reflect poorly on their parenting? And how much peanut butter is too much peanut butter?

Learning to Skip is a hilarious new comedy from the company that brought you Secondary Pitch, which will keep you on your toes with every unexpected twist and turn.

By Phoebe Leonard

Directed by Jo-Anne Cahill

Lovesick? Heartbroken? There’s a cure for that.

Accumulated Heartbreak Disorder is set in the offices of Pulse magazine and the nearby dive bar where the journalists spend much of their time and most of their money. Our play tells the story of hard edged magazine editor Samantha and heartbroken environmental reporter Rob, as they investigate a pharmaceutical company that claims to have discovered a “cure” for heartbreak. As they are alternately assisted and encumbered by Sam’s Girl Friday Millie, garrulous magazine owner Tony and wordly wise bartender Barry, fast-paced hilarity ensues. 


By Larry Phillips

Directed by Ben Liebert

A comedy about terrible people and the  koala who supports them. 

Brody, America’s favorite TV koala, has stormed off the set of his hit sitcom 'Koala in the House' and refuses to return to work until the producers agree to meet his demands for full creative control.

Holed up in a sleazy LAX motel, Brody has enough booze and drugs to last for months.  Desperate to get him back on track his agent, wrangler, and co-star try to make him see reason.  But is their concern for Brody's future? Or their own?

Koalas are Dicks is a dark Hollywood comedy about terrible people and the koala who supports them.

Koalas are Dicks was received three New York Innovative Theater Awards nominations.  

 Griffin Hennelly for Oustanding Actor in a Supporting Role, Meg McGuigan for Oustanding Set Design & Catherine Clark for Oustanding Set Design.