Tristan Strasser: Director
Tristan was born and raised in Cobleskill, NY, and has lived in NYC for three years. He has five years of experience as a theatre director and piano accompanist, and almost a decade as an actor.  Tristan is the current Drama Director for Pine Street School and is the founding artistic director of Ursa Fountain Productions. Most recently, he directed Lion King Kids at Pine Street School, and the musical [Title of Show] through UFP. Tristan has always had a connection to the Muppets (Beaker is his #1), and has loved exploring the character of Fozzie in such a unique way! Tristan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Theatre and Psychology from SUNY Geneseo.

Larry Phillips: Playwright (Fozzie)
Larry has written and appeared in: Must Win; Good Night, Baby Girl; The Weekend Will End; Koalas  are Dicks; Arbuckle Syndrome; Talent is Sexy; The Rise of Mediocrity; Plan G; Secondary Pitch; The Ladies of Glen Ross; The Other Harvey; Learning to Skip; Last Chance for Mama; Fistful of Cake, Pocketful of Miracles; This is Mark/c.

MK Guinen: Stage Manager
MK is a New York based theatre artist and recent graduate of Hofstra University with various interests off and on stage. Most recent stage management projects include Moon School at The Tank (ASM) and the 2023 Hofstra University Acting BFA Showcase produced at the Chain Theatre (SM). MK is very excited to be working on this production and would like to thank the team for bringing her on! 

You are invited to attend a Master Class on Acting taught by the legendary Fozzie Bear! Filled with advice, cutting edge techniques, and wonderful tales of “Old Hollywood”; it is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience for those lucky enough to secure a spot in his class.

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