By Larry Phillips

Directed by Matthew J. Nichols


    There’s no ‘I’ in team.  But there is in family.

Stephen and Paul Dowd were two of the most highly touted prospects in baseball.  Stephen lived up to the hype with an amazing career in the Big Leagues. His bother Paul...never got off the plate. Now, after retiring from the game with an injury, Stephen is divorced, broke, and forced to consider a lucrative offer to film a Reality TV show about his life.  But the Producers don't just want Stephen, they want Paul and their fame-seeking younger brother, Kevin, as well. 

Secondary Pitch is a biting new comedy about brothers, rivalry and the perfect pitch.

Starring:  Ryan Dusek, Larry Phillips, Peter Buck Dettmann and Phoebe Leonard.  Set Design by Jason Bolan, Lighting Design by Mark Hankla and Publicity and Media by Paul Siebold. 

The Bridge Theater
October 9th-25th, 2014

Written by Larry Phillips
Directed by Matthew J. Nichols
Lighting Design: Mark Hankla
Scenic Design: Jason Bolen
Stage Manager: Sophie Frankle

Stephen Dowd: Ryan Dusek
Kevin Dowd: Peter Buck Dettmann
Paul Dowd: Larry Phillips
Meredith Hanson: Phoebe Leonard