By Larry Phillips
Directed by Ben Liebert

A comedy about terrible people and the  koala who supports them. 

Brody, America‚Äôs favorite TV koala, has stormed off the set of his hit sitcom 'Koala in the House' and refuses to return to work until the producers agree to meet his demands for full creative control. 

Holed up in a sleazy LAX motel, Brody has enough booze and drugs to last for months.  Desperate to get him back on track his agent, wrangler, and co-star try to make him see reason.  But is their concern for Brody's future? Or their own?

Koalas are Dicks is a dark Hollywood comedy about terrible people and the koala who supports them.

Koalas are Dicks received three New York Innovative Theater Awards nominations.  
Griffin Hennelly for Oustanding Actor in a Supporting Role, Meg McGuigan for Oustanding Set Design & Catherine Clark for Oustanding Lighting Design.

Theatre 54
April 6th-15th, 2017
Written by Larry Phillips
Directed by Ben Liebert
Lighting Design: Catherine Clark
Scenic Design: Meg McGuigan
Stage Manager: Jillian Christensen
Hannah: Tiffany May McRae
Ross: Grant Tambellini
Brody: Peter Buck Detteman
Davey: Larry Phillips
Allison: Phoebe Leonard
Shea: Griffin Hennelly