By Larry Phillips

Directed by Gregg Pica

Featuring: Deshja Driggs, Linda Blackstock, Jakob Martinez Cooper,

Larry Phillips, Marisa Gonzales, Iain McLellan

& Amanda Briskin-Wallace

Stage Manager Gavin Petersen

Scenic Design: Dominique Jakowec

Lighting Design: Hayley Garcia Parnell

August 15th - 25th, 2024

The Chain Theater

312 W36th St

4th Floor

​In the early 2000's Lea was a teenage sitcom star and pop culture sex symbol. Now she’s retreated from the public spotlight and struggles with her Hollywood dreams and scars. Unpretty is a look at what happens to one’s spirit once an industry is done with you. 

Content Warning: This play contains themes about body dysmorphia. 

Randomly Specific Theatre is a New York City based independent  theatre company founded in 2014.  Our mission is to produce new plays with an emphasis on excellence in writing and script development and high quality production aesthetic.  We do not subscribe to any single method of training or rehearsal technique.  We believe that each aspect of a production, both onstage and behind the scenes, is as integral to the production as any other.  Above all else we are story tellers.  Spinning a good yarn for the entertainment of an audience is our number one goal.