Written by: Larry Phillips
Directed by: Jacob Titus
Scenic Design: Kiah Kayser
Lighting Design: Yi-Chung Chen
Assistant Director: Zachary Rogers
Stage Manager: Jillian Christensen

With: Tiffany May McRae ,Larry Phillips, Ashley Grombol, Dylan Grunn & Kristian Sorensen

Welcome to Randomly Specific Theatre

Randomly Specific Theatre is a New York City based independent  theatre company founded in 2014.  Our mission is to produce new plays with an emphasis on excellence in writing and script development and high quality production aesthetic.  We do not subscribe to any single method of training or rehearsal technique.  We believe that each aspect of a production, both onstage and behind the scenes, is as integral to the production as any other.  Above all else we are story tellers.  Spinning a good yarn for the entertainment of an audience is our number one goal.  

The Weekend Will End
By Larry Phillips
Directed by Jacob Titus

Jake was looking forward to this weekend. He’s invited some new friends over to his house for relaxation and fun. But when his sister Katie shows up unannounced late Friday afternoon, he must do whatever it takes to get her to leave. Why is Jake hesitant to let his sister meet his friends; why is Katie so insistent on staying? “The Weekend Will End” is a sometimes hilarious, and often moving look at siblings trying to navigate their past mistakes and build a better life.

Theatre 54
@ Shetler Studios
244 W. 54th Street
12th Floor

April 26th-May 6th, 2018.